Depending on the particular situation and risk, the need for a more skilled, security-focused chauffeur with advanced driving and close protection training may be required.

The security chauffeur can often be the most effective weapon against an attack and can remove the client quicker and safely from danger.

Our specialist security chauffeurs are fully experienced SIA licensed close protection operatives, who have gained the highest level of recognised advanced driver training skills.

Holding RoSPAs accredited gold standard awards and Class One Level certification and specially trained in evasive and defensive tactical driving, our security chauffeurs are true experts within their field.

Evasive Security Driving

Encompassing a multitude of other personal skills including vehicle and driving, protection, first on scene medic, armed and unarmed combat, reconnaissance and surveillance and other tactical training our security chauffeurs are fully experienced to deal with any unexpected incidents. All of our security chauffeurs carry various emergency equipment and first response medical supplies within their vehicles.

Guardian chauffeurs security drivers can work independently or with other security and specialist government and protection units providing secure escort convoy details.
With backgrounds in royal protection, police traffic divisions and specialist military logistics, you can be confident in the knowledge that you will be in very safe hands.