Guardian Chauffeurs have been supporting clients with a range of security services since 2008.

From personal bodyguard protection, specialist event security, residential security and covert/overt surveillance, we can provide the right level of protection required to ensure our clients complete safety and well-being at all times.

All our security personnel are fully trained and licensed by the UKs main regulatory body, the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Undergoing rigorous training and examinations, our successful operatives are awarded an internationally recognised qualification and a standard level of overall training.

With prior military, police or specialist civilian backgrounds, our operatives already have the established skills needed, and through regular, ongoing training and development are kept up to date with measures and deterrents to combat and protect against the latest threats and dangers.

Our close protection services are provided to clients whatever the personal level of risk. From royalty, government and visiting dignitaries to media celebrities, high profile, high net worth individuals, their families and staff. Prior to each assignment, full risk assessments and reconnaissance are carried out for complete confidence and peace of mind and to ensure arrangements run smoothly.

Our close protection services include:

Personal Bodyguarding Protection

Ultimately the main person responsible for the safety and protection of the Principle. A more personal level of individual close protection dependant on the client, situation or possible threat. The bodyguard can be overt or covert and wears many hats and carries out a variety of functions in order to protect the principle and ensure their safety.

Close Protection Units

Consist of teams of specialist mobile close protection operatives working together to ensure the complete security and safety of the principal and their party. With the main bodyguard and/or team leader together with an escort party to form an outer ring of defence and possibly an advanced party who will carry out reconnaissance and risk assessments to ensure the principles direct environments are secure.

Residential Security Teams

Static security protection, provided to protect the principle and guests at either business premises, private residences, hotels, private yachts or other places the principle stays for long or short periods of time. We can deploy a team of trained security operatives who will have the skills to use the latest equipment used to protect properties. The will man access, exits and checkpoints, perform regular checks on vulnerable areas, patrol the perimeter and building interiors.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Intelligence and evidence gathering to assist in asset protection, commercial and criminal fraud such as insurance, benefit or even matrimonial. Government espionage, counter terrorism and counterfeiting. We can provide expert evidence gatherers using the latest and most sophisticated equipment.

Vulnerable Person Protection

Working with police, local authorities and social services to ensure the safety, well being and protection of any child or adult in vulnerable positions.

Specialist Event Security

Professional security operatives providing round the clock protection for major high profile, high threat events or national/international venues.